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About Shared Vision Planning

Shared Vision Planning (SVP) is a collaborative approach to formulating water management solutions that combines three disparate practices:  1) traditional water resources planning, 2) structured public participation and 3) collaborative computer modeling. Although each of these elements has been successfully applied, what makes Shared Vision Planning unique is the integration of traditional planning processes with structured public participation and collaborative computer modeling. 


The goal of Shared Vision Planning is to improve the economic, environmental and social outcomes of water management decisions.  Shared Vision Planning facilitates a common understanding of a natural resource system and provides a consensus-based forum for stakeholders to identify tradeoffs and new management options. Shared Vision Planning creates user-friendly and understandable computer models that are relevant to stakeholder interests and adaptable to changing conditions.

What’s in this Web Site

This web site is designed to inform visitors about Shared Vision Planning and how it is being applied in real-world situations. It features a step-by-step demonstration, information about the origins of SVP, current and historical case studies, and thorough explanations of shared vision planning  models, resources and training for those interested in implementing the approach.

Anyone engaged in natural resource planning, concerned with the management of natural resources, or facing what seems to be an intractable planning situation will benefit from learning about and using the concepts described in this web site.  The site also is an up-to-date description of current activities in the Institute for Water Resources (IWR) Shared Vision Planning program, including collaborative workspaces for project teams and descriptions of partnerships that we're developing with other organizations that are also interested in Computer-Aided Dispute Resolution (CADRe). Please give us feedback on relevant literature, opportunities, or related activities and programs.


Shared Vision Planning Integrates Traditional Planning, Collaboration, and Systems Models
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